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14-17 year olds

*Persuade * Inspire * Collaborate * Build Confidence *

*Public Speaking * Presentation Skills * Leadership Training*

By participating in this communication and leadership enrichment program, your teen will continue to build their confidence while expressing their ideas, finesse their public speaking & presentation skills, develop leadership skills, & much more!


This program will work to help your child develop these essential skills that leaders must possess to succeed in personal, academic and professional contexts!

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Camp Inspire

This program is for teenagers ages 14-18 who want to enhance their communication skills by:

  • Planning engaging presentations

  • Speaking with clarity and confidence

  • Using appropriate body language 

  • Learning do's and don'ts for communicating online

  • Enhancing body mechanics, non-verbal communication, and voice projection for effective communication

  • Improving interview skills for future school, work, internship and scholarship opportunities

  • Exploring opportunities to create speaking engagements to persuade and inspire less familiar audiences to create change 

  • Planning & engaging in opportunities for leadership

Coming soon!

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Phone/Whats App: +1 630.578.5847

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