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About The Communication Collective

Communication has always been the key propeller of growth and progression of a society. Effective expression of thoughts and ideas is as important as the generation of those thoughts and ideas. With the world changing, this skill has become even more important as all relationships and interactions, whether personal, academic, or professional, are largely dependent on effective communication. When children find themselves in new or challenging environments, it is vital that they have the right tools to adapt to that new environment, or to create a new outcome altogether, through effective communication and interaction with others. Children are creative, innovative, and hold the power to create great change in the world...providing them with the essential  tools to do so is The Communication Collective's mission. 

Industry experts Adrienne Wallace of Online Speech Services  and Sonia Sethi Kohli of The Global Speech Suite knew that they wanted to help children develop the confidence and skills to become effective communicators and engaging leaders. They also knew they wanted to create a safe space that allowed children to flourish in their creativity, broaden their connections with others, and develop foundational communication skills that they could confidently use in any situation.

After many thoughtful discussions, Adrienne and Sonia decided to expand their individual communication coaching programs for adult professionals to jointly create an online platform where school-aged children and teens could receive opportunities and tools that would allow them to: connect with other peers from all parts of the world and all walks of life, explore their own unique strengths and how they can add value, collaborate with a diverse group of peers to learn from and inspire one another, and learn how to connect and communicate in a meaningful manner across all contexts.









Using their extensive background knowledge of the foundations of speech and language development, their understanding of best practices to engage learners of various age ranges and learning styles, their deep-seated expertise in training and customizing curriculums for individuals and groups, their first-hand practical experiences gained from serving as employees, transitioning to leadership roles, evolving into business owners and entrepreneurs, and their understanding of the vital importance of strong communication skills as parents themselves, The Communication Collective's Camp Connect, Camp Engage, Camp Inspire, & Camp Transform were born.   

The Communication Collective involves fun, interactive online programs that focus on strengthening public speaking and social skills, building confidence, developing leadership, and more! We look forward to connecting with you and having you join The Communication Collective's growing community! 

About your Coaches

See what sets us apart! 

  • Licensed, Board-Certified Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) 

  • Share a combined 40 years of experience

  • Extensive experience working with both adults and children

  • Experts at individualizing instruction to reach each learner and target their specific needs.

  • Experienced Leaders in Healthcare, Education and Business.

  • First-hand knowledge of the skills needed to succeed in the professional world.

  • Parents who understand the challenges of parenting in today's world.

  • Shared passion for helping our children navigate a path for lifelong success.

Clinicians. Educators. Leaders. Trainers. Business Owners. Entrepreneurs.


Sonia Sethi-Kohli, M.S., CCC-SLP

Sonia Sethi Kohli, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Professional Communication Coach, Consultant, Presenter, Educator, Author and multilingual Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who has served in a variety of settings/roles with extensive clinical and corporate experience of ~20 years. Ms. Sethi Kohli currently owns and operates her private practice in the greater Chicago area which has two distinct divisions – one offering clinical SLP services, and the other offering professional communication training services. In her clinical division, Global Speech and Swallow, LLC, Ms. Sethi Kohli provides speech-language/cognitive-communicative/feeding-swallowing/voice-airway diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to culturally & linguistically diverse patient populations ranging from infancy through geriatric.


In her professional communication training division, The Global Speech Suite, LLC, Ms. Sethi Kohli specializes in providing individuals and organizations with the skill development and tools to Communicate Clearly, Connect Consciously, and Collaborate Confidently. She offers customized training programs focusing on presentation skills/public speaking , accent modification, leadership communication/executive presence, cross-cultural communication, interview skills, and more. Ms. Sethi Kohli also currently serves as President of CORSPAN [The Corporate Speech Pathology Network], a non-profit professional organization for Corporate Speech Trainers that share their background and training in Speech-Language Pathology.


Adrienne Wallace,


Adrienne Wallace, MBA, M.S., CCC-SLP owns Online Speech Services LLC. She has a Master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders and has been a nationally certified speech-language pathologist for almost 15 years. She has dedicated her career to helping others build their communication skills so they can reach their personal and educational goals. Adrienne truly believes that communication is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Online Speech Services provides live online communication coaching and speech therapy for children and adults through an online service delivery method. We specialize in accent modification training, public speaking and presentation coaching, articulation, language, and social language. We work with children and adults of all ages to help them achieve better communication skills. Our online speech services allows access for anyone from anywhere. No longer are you bound by weather conditions, location, or even time. We have morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend availability. Since our services are online, you do not have to worry about wasted time traveling and can focus on what really matters. We also provide business communication workshops.

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