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6-9 year olds

*Public Speaking * Social Language * Group Collaboration*

*Confidence Building * Presentation Skills * Leadership Training*

By participating in this communication enrichment program, your child will boost their clarity and confidence while expressing their ideas, enhance their active listening skills, develop skills to connect with others & engage in conversation, finesse their public speaking & presentation skills, develop leadership skills, expand their social-emotional learning & much more!


Beyond being FUN, this program will work to help your child develop these essential skills to succeed in personal, social, and academic contexts!


Camp Connect

This program is for children ages 6-9 who want to enhance their communication skills by:

  • Expressing their ideas with clarity

  • Boosting their confidence

  • Connecting through conversations

  • Sailing through social situations

  • Facing their fear of public speaking

  • Learning the basics of voice projection, non-verbal communication, and speaking presence

  • Exploring & celebrating diversity

  • Engaging in opportunities for leadership

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Phone/Whats App: +1 630.578.5847

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